Navigation 2018

All vessels of the project RST-54 began their voyages according to plan after the inter-naval sludge removal and already fully carry out transportation along the inland waterways of the Russian Federation.

The vessels of the project RST-27 and RST-27M started navigation after work on the Black, Mediterranean and Baltic seas.

Navigation in 2018 promises to be successful, as the company’s vessels have introduced new tankers of the project RST-27 and RST-27M, the most popular both on domestic and foreign maritime markets. The last of the five chemical tankers ordered by the company was transferred to the customer by the Krasnoye Sormovo shipyard in May 2018. In total, today the fleet of BF Tanker consists of 15 vessels, six of which are of the RST-54 project, four vessels of the RST-27 project and five vessels of the upgraded RST-27M project, and the company also works with other chartered vessels.

At this stage the company has implemented a shipbuilding program and works with all the largest exporters of edible oils, crude oil and oil trading companies. To date, the company’s fleet is one of the youngest on the market, able to transport a wide range of cargoes, including oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals and edible oils, and the RST-54 project vessels can load general cargo and bulk cargo as a return load. In addition, the company is the sole owner of modernized tankers of the RST-27M project with enhanced marine class and increased cargo capacity. Vessels of this type are capable of operating both on inland waterways of the Russian Federation and international destinations, in particular the Baltic, the North Sea, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Atlantic coast of Europe.